The Museum of Literature and Music Supporters’ Association is a public non-profit organisation, founded in December 2014. The main purpose of the association is to implement various support projects to help the Museum of Literature and Music more effectively achieve its mission and operational goals.

The association is a public organisation which promotes the accessibility, preservation, research, popularisation and interpretation of Latvia’s cultural heritage in the form of contemporary science, popular science and art:

  1. Implementation of culture, art, education, science and social projects.
    2. Ensuring, preserving and renewing the availability of Latvia’s cultural heritage.
    3. Research into cultural heritage and public promotion of the results of the research.
    4. Organisation of cultural events, conferences, festivals and celebrations.
    5. Cooperation with interested public and non-governmental institutions in the fields of culture, art, education and social rights.
    6. Cooperation with cultural and educational institutions, in Latvia and around the world.
    7. Cooperation with individuals working in the fields of culture, art and science, in Latvia and abroad.
    8. Using Latvia’s cultural heritage for the creation of museum souvenirs, musical recordings and other materials, including in cooperation with the creative industries.
    9. Creation and promotion of cultural and scientific achievement.
    10. Publishing and dissemination (of primary sources, scientific research, fiction, relevant encyclopaedias etc.).
    11. Acquisition and use of modern technologies for the preservation and promotion of Latvia’s cultural heritage.
    12. Promoting the professional development of museum employees.
    13. Support for individuals and institutions working towards aims that are in line with the goals of the association.
    14. Economic activity, the organisation of events for charity, and work to attract and accumulate donations.

In 2017, the Museum of Literature and Music Supporters’ Association was granted the status of a public benefit organisation by the Ministry of Finance. Having public benefit organisation status allows the association to receive donations as set out in section 12 of the Enterprise Income Tax Law, entitling donors to tax relief on their donations.

How can you become a member of the Association? Any resident individual or legal person wishing to support the Museum of Literature and Music may become a member.

Chair of the Board of the Supporters’ Association, Lolita Ozoliņa:
Phone: +371 26528629

Supporters’ Association details:
Rakstniecības un mūzikas muzeja atbalsta biedrība
Registration No. 40008225714
Pils laukums 2, Riga, LV-1050
AS Citadele Banka, PARXLV22
Account No.: LV38PARX0020103990001